Thursday, February 4, 2010

Have you heard the cloth diaper song!?

love it!! It’s by Mr. Mike Sings and it’s called I Use Cloth. Way cute!

My favorite line => “My baby’s backside is cute even if it’s covered in poop.” HAHAHA

Here are the lyrics:

Your baby poops and your baby pees,
Every time she sits on your knees.
You want solutions? You want answers? Well, I got ‘em.
Stop letting that child crawl around your house bare-bottomed.

Try those disposables; Look, Ma, no more tears.
So what if they sit in a landfill for so, so many years?
But there’s something else out there for you,
If you want to give it a try.
They can fit on your newborn, your crawler, your walker,
Or you can buy ‘em, One Size.

Try using cloth – they’re amazing.
And they come in different colors.
If you use cloth, imagine the savings.
Don’t worry if you annoy your mother.

There are so many styles to try.
There are so many brands to buy.
If you use cloth, the limit’s the sky.
And I can’t imagine why,
You wouldn’t use cloth.

They’re great for when I’m at home or when I go outside.
(I use cloth)
My baby’s bottom isn’t something I’m always trying to hide.
(I use cloth)
They’re great for during the day.
They’re absorbent for overnight, too.
(I use cloth)
My baby’s backside is cute even if it’s covered in poo.

I gotta tell you something, darling, that don’t worry me:
I don’t mind it at all when my baby poops or pees.
I got something so soft and snuggly on my baby’s bottom.
I don’t need no diaper pins, no rubber pants – so don’t think I forgot ‘em.

Monday, February 1, 2010


salam mesra semua...ok mama pun dah tak sanggup simpan amanah yang telah mama janjikan..lama sangat dah nie...adeh takleh tggu dah..ok nama kat bawah ni sila bg alamat yee....tolong yee...kesian mama...mama tak snggup dah tggu..takde sbarang email pun mama terima...

Zana on December 24, 2009 12:21 AM said...
salam perkenalan, saya pun dah join, sila la...jemput2..

**Alamat dan no. tel saya akan emal kemudian ye.

tapi mama farra ni lain lak..mama nak full name..mana la tau nickname ni nama glemer ke..hikhik....

Farra Dhelina on December 30, 2009 11:04 PM said...
salam.. hrp2 dlm lingkungan 30 org tu hihi

my link

tenkiu! ;)

SegeRa Ye.....

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